Gumby Gumby Tea - Melbourne Bushfood
Gumby Gumby Tea - Melbourne Bushfood
Gumby Gumby Tea - Melbourne Bushfood

Gumby Gumby Tea

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Made in Australia

Gumby Gumby Tea


Gumby Gumby is a native Australian plant that has been used as a traditional natural food for thousands of years by Australia's Aboriginal peoples. Currently there has been research that indicates Gumby Gumby's healing activities, antiviral and antibacerial properties, and immune stimulating effects.


Gumby Gumby is a drought and frost tolerant plant native across many states of Australia. The name is a Parmanyungam word meaning Medicine Plant, a word which belongs to the original custodians of this traditional medicine.


Our natural Gumby Gumby is wild-harvested by hand to ensure a high quality product, that lessens environmental impact, and has no chemical use (that's no herbicides, or pesticides or anything else that is bad for you and the planet).


Use: 8 leaves per glass, brew for 10 minutes for optimal extraction.


Health benefits: It was traditionally used as a natural medicine for cold and flus, upset stomachs, and to treat stomach ailments. Western research has identified that Gumby Gumby has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.


continued: Signifticant research conducted by Griffiths University has identified the important health benefits: "P. phylliraeoides is reported to contain a number of pentacyclic triterpenoid saponogenins. In particular, phillyregenin (a dihydroxylactone), R1-barrigenol, 27 – desoxyphillyrigenin (3fl -hydroxytaraxastan - 28, 20fl - olide), 23 - hydroxyphillyrigenin (3fl, 23, 27- trihydroxytaraxastan - 28,20fl - olide), dihydropriverogenin A, 16 – desoxybarringtogenol C and barringtogenol C, were isolated from P. phylliraeoides and identified in this study. Similar pentacyclic triterpenoids isolated from Alchornea latifolia have been linked with cytotoxic activity towards Hep-G2 and A-431 human cancer cell lines and are potent inhibitors of topoisomerase II. Pentacyclic triterpenoids have also been associated with antitumor, anti-HIV and antioxidant bioactivities. Additionally, pentacyclic triterpenoids from LaGumby Gumbyera pterodonta have shown antiviral activity against herpes viruses. Studies have also demonstrated the antibacterial activity of pentacyclic triterpenoids from a variety of plants."


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Ingredients: 100% Wild-Harvested Gumby Gumby Leaves

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Customer Reviews

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Subtle and powerful tea

Two of us in Geelong/ Djillong tasted this tea when it arrived. It's gentle flavoured and feels v healing. Thanks for supplying it.

Delicate and refreshing

Very gentle flavour tea. Good before bed

helped with arthritis

i take meds a lot for my arthritis but this has helped me to feel less pain. its not all gone when i drink it a few times a day but it is definitely less than what it was before. very good for a natural product not made in a lab!