Handmade in Melbourne.

We handmake, hand-do, hand everything in Melbourne in our Fairfield warehouse. No co-manufacturing, just hands, and many of them!

We are proud to literally have the bestest team in the whole wide world, drawing from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities who share the common goal of building a social enterprise that values profits and impact equally. 

Our Values

As a team we've gone through a lot! From late nights, to early mornings, we've had to do everything to get anything done.

We don't hire based on expensive pieces of paper, but focus on lived experience and beliefs as a central part of our hiring process.

Each team member is from a diverse background with many of our team members speaking English as their second or even third language.

Our team are always here to help and we're so happy to be bringing native flavours and ingredients to homes across the world!

To do this, we all share the same 5 values which are constant lunchtime topics:





Hayden Marks



Founder + Head Honcho

The captain of the ship. He's a 23 year old with a big dream and a lot of catching up to do! Don't let his age fool you though.

Apart from eating all of our chocolate, he's in charge of bringing bushfood to the world.

Lilian Chabannes



Marketing Guru

A French-born pastry chef turned marketing manager with a huge love for anything sweet. He's the one who brought all of our yummy chocolates to you!

He's got big ideas when it comes to bushfood so get ready!

Marlene Scharb



Operations Juggler

The mother hen of the brood, Marlene's the strong matriach making sh*t happen. 

Don't let her smiley face deceive you though because she's a gun when it comes to all things operations. You'll find her managing orders, stock levels + more!

Xuan Peng



Head Chef

Fun and exciting but serious and mature when it counts, Xuan's a blend of everything fun about our company culture.

She's our fountain of ideas always questioning the status quo, without her we'd probably still be trying to invent the wheel.

Pia Lefevre


🇫🇷 / 🇳🇴


Pia puts the Terminator to shame. She may look like she has just two hands, but during the day you'll see her helping everyone. 

She's the answer to all and every odd job with a 100% completion rate so far.

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