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  • Discovery Bushfood Bundle collection Melbourne Bushfood
  • Discovery Bushfood Bundle collection Melbourne Bushfood
  • Discovery Bushfood Bundle collection Melbourne Bushfood
  • Discovery Bushfood Bundle collection Melbourne Bushfood

Discovery Bushfood Bundle

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  • Gluten-free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No additives
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Handmade in Melbourne

Introduce your family or friends to the wonders of Native Bushfood. Our Discovery Bundle is more than a munching box of gourmet native foods and native plants to grow. You're also be supporting our First Nation Partners and their harvesting on Country. Read our Impact here.


What's included:

🚚 24 Hour Guarantee* (if it doesn't arrive alive, we'll refund or replace it)
🌱 4 Bestseller easy growing native edible plants delivered to your door
🙋 1:1 Plant Care Support and 24/7 Care Guides available


What do you get?

Midyim Berry
The tastiest native fruits eaten raw; they proliferate with white purple-dotted fruit throughout late summer and taste sweet with a touch of eucalypt and spice.
Native Oregano
Its leaves are rich in oils that make it pack a strong oregano/minty/eucalypt punch and is especially delicious when paired with red meat like lamb or goat.
It's a delicious native with salty leaves and bitter berries that can be used in stir fries or even as a salad. All you have to do is harvest the leaves as required and enjoy!
River Mint
You can enjoy it fresh or dried when making sauces, salads, dressing, dips, roasts, desserts, teas, cocktails and even water infusions.
Jilungin Dreaming Tea
Jilungin will have you drifting off like nothing else before. Harvested and used by First Nations People as a powerful sleep tonic, it has improved sleep for thousands of years.
Salted Macadamia Caramel Chocolate - currently has limited stock and will be replaced with Wattleseed Crunch Milk Chocolate
Addictive block of creamy caramel chocolate coated with chunky bits of roasted macadamia. It's a native combo not only delicious but addictive, don't be surprised if you find yourself ordering more!
Davidson Plum Dark Chocolate
Tropical and tart Davidson plum meets fantastically fruity single origin Uganda (80%) chocolate
Lemon Myrtle Spice
Lemon myrtle is a beloved herb with a strong lemongrass/citronella flavour that's sweet and leaves you wanting more. Sprinkled over fish, brewed as tea and poured into cupcake batter, you'll have a super lemony flavour with just a pinch!
Saltbush Spice
Saltbush can be used as delicious herb that is lower in sodium than table salt, so acts as a terrific alternative. Pour a teaspoon into stews, soups, or curries, or simply sprinkle over roasted potatoes for a deep, rich, and salty addon. Try frying in extra virigin olive oil to add a crunchy, salty garnish that you can put in salads. 


We might have to replace one of the plants in the rare case that something is out of stock.

Grow it like a pro! Check out the full care guide by clicking here.

Due to biosecurity restrictions, we cannot send plants to WA, NT or Tasmania. If you order, your plants will be refunded.

*Our 24-hour plant guarantee means that any plants that have died in transit will be refunded to you when we receive photos from you at within 24 hours of the receipt of the delivery. 

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Carbon neutral delivery

Every purchase funds this:

  • supporting remote communities

    Our partners at Twink Lakes Cultural Park is an Aboriginal-led enterprise sharing Nyul Nyul Culture with the world.

  • boosting biodiversity

    Supporting biodiversity across Melbourne, with over $60,000 given to date.

  • plants for schools

    We're giving $1,000's worth of vouchers to help get native foods into the tummies of kids in schools across Victoria.