Old Man's Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Old Man's Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood
Old Man's Saltbush - Melbourne Bushfood

Old Man's Saltbush

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Old Man's Saltbush // Atriplex nummularia

Old Man's Saltbush is one of over 100 species of Saltbush native to Australia. Found in the arid interior regions, Old Man's Saltbush is famed for its salty, umami flavour and incredible drought-tolerant properties as a feed for livestock like lamb.


Braised Lamb with Saltbush and Rockmelon

Saltbush can be used as delicious herb that is lower in sodium than table salt, so acts as a terrific alternative. Pour a teaspoon into stews, soups, or curries, or simply sprinkle over roasted potatoes for a deep, rich, and salty addon. Try frying in extra virigin olive oil to add a crunchy, salty garnish that you can put in salads. 

Nutritional Properties:

Saltbush has up to 20% less sodium than regular salt and has an abundant amount of anti-oxidants to help neutralize free radicals and detoxify your body. Additionally, it is also a beneficial source of calcium, and is high in many different essential minerals helping to boost general well-being.

Want to learn more about the Health Benefits, Origin, and Uses of this incredible Australian ingredient? Click here to learn more!


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Customer Reviews

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We really enjoyed the flavour and are excited to use indigenous products

We really enjoyed the flavour and texture of this product and continue to look forward to more if these products


Loving the flavour and depth.

Very happy

Live this product in my meat rub recipe. Service was great, and delivery fast. Have already recommended to a friend. Will use again.


Old Man's Saltbush

Herby salt alternative

Opening the package made me homesick - just inhaling the scent of this herb is fantastic. The packaging ensured the herb arrived in good condition, no mustiness detected.

This herb is so multipurpose - I'm vegan now, but in my past life I used this as a rub for meats (chicken, lamb, fish), or sprinkle it on buffalo mozzarella or even cream cheese.

Now I marinate my tofu block with this. I sprinkle it on my sandwiches instead of salt.

I use it in baking (damper, scones, savoury shortbread, breads), I sprinkle it over my pasta or soup just before serving.

I also used it as a tea when I had a cold and when I was craving salt after a long hike.

My only regret is that I didn't buy the 500g bag (I bought 50 g as it was my first order with Melbourne Bush Foods and was wary about freshness and flavour profile) - given how much I have used it, I used it up pretty quickly.

I can't recommend this product enough.


A wonderful ingredient for my post-lockdown recipes