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Passionfruit and River Mint Mojito

Yass! It’s about time for your favourite summer drink - Mojito. All sweet, citric, herbaceous and minty for when you’re chilling with mates. Complete your sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind with Mojito and thank me later. This is literally as easy as A, B, C


Prep Time:
5 Minutes

Total Time:
10 Minutes 




30ml of lime juice
50ml of passionfruit
150ml of club soda
30ml of white rum
2g River Mint
2 tbsp sugar
A handful of crushed ice
A lime slice to garnish



1. Stir River Mint leaves with sugar and lime juice in a highball glass.
2. Add passion fruit, club soda and rum. Continue to stir.

3. Add crushed ice, and garnish with River Mint sprig and a slice of lime.
4. Take your highball glass, pick a good spot to watch the sun go down as you sip into your mojito quickie.





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