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4 Chefs in 4 Weeks - 2023


Hey there, Bushfriends!

Again, it's that time of the year for Four Chefs in Four Weeks! Coming back bigger than ever--we are exploring a new city; hello, Sydney!


For the next exciting four weeks, Melbourne Bushfood will collaborate with four amazing chefs across Sydney and Melbourne for one shared mission: to celebrate, highlight and share awareness about native bushfood ingredients!


Each week, we are featuring a chef with their unique creations using different native ingredients.


Here's what to know about the ongoing event:


Week 1: Chef April Yoonhee Bae (The Flour Melbourne)
199 Victoria St, Melbourne
16th November 2023 - 19th November 2023

 Featured Dishes:

  • Blueberry Tart with Native Thyme Cream
  • Lemon Myrtle Tart with Finger Limes
  • Davidson Plum Jam with Oat Crumble Cookies

Native Ingredients Included: Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Finger Lime, Fresh Native Thyme, Davidson Plum

Chef April is a Pastry Chef and the Founder of Flour Melbourne. According to the CEO, her ultimate goal is to spread happiness through her small, delectable creations. Chef April is no stranger to native foods, and her handcrafted creations show the true flavour of Australia's landscape. With the blend of Lemon Myrtle, Finger Limes, Native Thyme, and Davidson Plum, we think these create a taste like no other.



Week 2: Chef Tom Cleland (Fabbrica)
161 King Street, Sydney
20th November 2023 - 26th November 2023

 Featured dishes:

  • Fried Pig's Head Sandwich
  • Strawberry Gum with Ragazzi E Succo Aperitivo

Native Ingredients Included: Muntrie, Cape York Lilly Pilly, Wattleseed, Strawberry Gum

For Tom, including a native ingredient in a dish isn’t a thought but a habit. He believes that native food and using every single part of the animal are underrated – but both undeniably delicious. That is why he thought that this collaboration with Melbourne Bushfood is perfect to highlight sustainability and usage of native ingredients.



Week 3: Chef Christian Williams (Luther's Scoops)
528A Brunswick, Melbourne
27th November 2023 - 3rd December 2023

 Featured dessert:

  • Wattleseed Ice Cream with Finger Lime and Lilly Pilly Marmalade

Native Ingredients Included: Finger Lime, Wattleseed, Cape York Lilly Pilly

Entering the world of tasty frozen treats, Luther’s Scoop is on top its game. Luther’s Scoops is a small ice creamery in Brunswick focusing on big flavours and seasonal produce. Thinking of a twist, Chef Christian uses native ingredients to craft such a delectable dessert. We've teamed up with Luther’s Scoop to bring Aussie natives straight to your taste buds.



Week 4: Wild Life Bakery
90 Albert Street, Brunswick East, Melbourne
4th December - 12th December

 Feature dishes:

  • Lilly Pilly + Lemon Myrtle "Vanilla Slice"
  • Davidson Plum, Muntrie + Macadamia Danish
  • Macadamia + Pepperberry Sourdough
  • Strawberry Gum + Citrus Shrub
  • Wattleseed + King Brown Mushroom Dahl Pie

Native Ingredients Included: Davidson Plum, Pepperberry, Lemon Myrtle, Muntrie, Wattleseed, Strawberry Gum, Cape York Lilly Pilly

Wild Life Bakery is a neighbourhood bakery that loves sourdough, fermentation, seasonal produce and community. They think it's a diverse display of how native ingredients can be championed in both the commercial kitchen and the home, every day. That is why even if you're Team Sweet or Team Savoury – Wild Life Bakery got it all for you! From bread to preserves, Wild Life Bakery features the integration of native ingredients into these amazingly delicious dishes!


Ultimately, we've teamed up with these four talented chefs to introduce native bushfoods through the taste of their incredible creations! One thing's for sure-- this event will be a blast for chefs and food enthusiasts! We can't wait for you to enjoy the diverse culinary adventures Sydney and Melbourne has to offer!


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