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  • Brush Cherry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Brush Cherry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Brush Cherry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Brush Cherry Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood

Brush Cherry Plant (140mm pot)

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  • Tones of fruits
  • Tall tree
  • Frost & drought tolerant
We're unable to ship plants to WA or TAS= - sorry!
We're unable to ship
plants to WA or TAS
- sorry!

Brush Cherry Plant (140mm pot) FAQ's 🌱

The brush cherry is one of the best native fruits out there. It's crisp, apple-textured fruit is slightly acidic but sweet when ripe. Fruiting in mid to late winter, the Brush Cherry is one of our favoured fruits for the sheer quantity of fruit produced.

It's a super easy-to-care for species, and can produce copious amounts of fruit even in small containers. It can easily be hedged making it an ideal suburban garden plant or privacy screen, and provides an abundance of benefits to pollinators and insects.

Climate Zones: Cool, Arid, Temperate, Sub-Tropical, Tropical.

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Being a rainforest species, drying out is a common cause of death, especially for younger plants. Most Lilly Pilly varieties prefer reliable moisture over the warmer months. During wintertime, you can hold back on watering but as the temperature increases ensure that you're keeping your Brush Cherry well watered. When dry, it will wilt which is a good indication of when to water.

Although drought-tolerant once established, it will need additional watering in the summer.

For best results, plant your Brush Cherry in rich, well-drained soils (it can survive in poorer soils) and place it in full sun. You can also grow in part shade for reasonable results. This dense, glossy shrub can attain a height of up to 35m. In a garden and with pruning, you're more likely to get a height of 18m tall. It's the perfect fruit tree for hedging or screening.

Only able to handle light frost initially, Brush Cherry'll become frost tolerant once established. If you live in a cooler climate like Melbourne, keeping your plant well-protected is super important, so we recommend offering it extra protection during winter.

This lovely species does well in full sun, but it can thrive in part sun but with lower fruiting amounts.

With its flavour varying depending on ripeness, Brush Cherry generally has a refreshing taste with a slight hint of sourness to them and its crispness resembling that of apples. You can enjoy them raw on their own, but Brush Cherry makes for an incredible ingredient in all kinds of sweet and savoury recipes such as jams, juices, tarts, cakes, sorbet and so much more!

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