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  • Kurrajong - Melbourne Bushfood
  • Kurrajong (Illawarra Flame Tree) plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Kurrajong - Melbourne Bushfood

Kurrajong (Illawarra Flame Tree) (140mm pot)

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plants to WA or TAS
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Kurrajong (Illawarra Flame Tree) (140mm pot) FAQ's 🌱

The perfect indoor plant.

Kurrajong is a large native tree that produces large, edible seed pods that are rich in protein and essential nutrients. Growing well inside in pots, one tree can produce as many pods which can be roasted and coated with spices for a healthy snack, or ground into a unique flour.

Climate Zones: Temperate, Sub-Tropical, Tropical, Arid, Cool

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Locate mature kurrajong pods on the tree. They are green when young and turn brown when mature. Wait until the pods have dried out and turned brown before harvesting them. Make sure to wear gloves.The pods will split open, revealing the seeds inside. Collect the seeds from the pods and remove any remaining pod fragments. The seeds need to be roasted or baked ble. Spread the seeds on a baking tray and place them in the oven at 180°C for 20-30 minutes. Once roasted, the kurrajong seeds can be used in a variety of dishes, such as to remove any bitterness and make them edisoups, stews, and curries. They can also be ground into a flour and used as a gluten-free substitute in baking.

The Kurrajong is a drought-tolerant species requiring regular watering only in the first year of planting into the soil. For pot plants, regular watering is recommended in indoor-settings (weekly).

The Kurrajong is a great indoor pot plant. They require only 6-8 hours of sunlight each day, so placing them under a sunny window is recommended.

Use a high-quality, premium potting mix, and make sure the pot is well draining. Overwatering or sitting in water can cause damage to the plant's roots.

Bonsai-ing of the plant is popular as the plant doesn't die from root-bounding, although for a healthy plant, keeping well pruned is a must in pots.

Kurrajong grow exceptionally well in all soil types and can be grown for their beautiful flame-like display of flowers, which appear in late summer in some years. They do not flower annually like other flowering species.

They will grow to over 30 metres, so future planning is recommended.

The seeds pods, roots, and tubers of young plants were all consumed by Aboriginal Australians. The seed pods are a rich source of protein (18g/100g) and after removing the fine hairs that coat the seed pods, would be ground into a flour and used in damper. During periods of droughts, the water-heavy roots were dug up and used as a source of water, with young plants (<1 year old) being roasted over coal fires as a nutritious vegetable.

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