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  • Rose Apple Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood
  • Rose Apple Plant plant Melbourne Bushfood

Rose Apple Plant (140mm pot)

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    We're unable to ship
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    Rose Apple Plant (140mm pot) FAQ's 🌱

    Super easy to grow!

    You can expect this spectacular native tree to blossom from November through to February. Pink or Orange flowers form in dense panicles on mature branches that later turn into small fruits.

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    Water rose apple trees consistently to maintain soil moisture, especially during dry periods. Provide deep, thorough watering sessions, ensuring the root zone is adequately hydrated without causing waterlogging. Adjust the frequency based on local climate conditions and the specific needs of the tree.

    For rose apple trees, regular maintenance involves pruning to shape the tree, removing dead or diseased branches, and providing a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Additionally, monitor for pests and diseases, ensuring adequate water and mulch to support overall health and fruit production.

    Rose apples have a mildly sweet and floral flavor, reminiscent of rose petals. They are commonly enjoyed fresh, added to fruit salads, used in preserves, or made into refreshing beverages and jams due to their aromatic taste.

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