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Native Parsnip - Growing Native Parsnip

Image from Melbourne Bushfood

The Native Parsnip is a small plant with edible roots. The plant mostly lasts for 1-2 years after which most die away and others reseed. The plant forms small white leaves which are produced around springtime and in umbels. 

This beautiful plant grows up to 80cm/ 0.8m high and has a preference for sandy soils. It was used as food by Aboriginal people due to the edible taproots.

    Image from Melbourne Bushfood

    Good for:

    - Beginners

    - Light frost 

    - Moderately resistant to Drought




    Full sun


    Up to 0.8m high



    Native Parsnip grows up to 0.8 metres high. Adapted to the East Coast of Australia especially NSW and Queensland, they have a great preference for sandy soils.

    Ensure the soil is well drained and has high soil nutrient content.

    Frost tolerance

    This is a light frost tolerant species.

    They’d rather enjoy the glare of the sun than grow in shady spots. Water more in its early age, but be sure to grow it in well draining soils.


    The species is drought tolerant when established and doesn’t mind poor soils at all. Water moderately.



    At a young age, it prefers moderately moist soil, well drained. As a mature tree, dry is okay.


    Use occasional native fertilizer.


    Harvesting can be done either during spring or summer. Harvesting is done best as flower stalks appear, as the flowering can alter the flavours of the roots.


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