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Rock Fig Plant - Growing Rock Fig Plant

Image from Melbourne Bushfood

The Rock Fig Plant is an attractive plant native to Australia and used as bushfood. It is a fig that is endemic to central and northern Australia. It is a lithophytic plant that grows on rocky outcrops, reaching 10 m in height. Desert Fig fruit is eaten when soft and ripe but is also suitable as a bonsai tree. You'll love the wide trunk and small leaves.


 With spreading branches and aerial roots, Rock Fig is capable of becoming a parasite tree on other trees, encircling them and eventually killing them to establish itself --watch out for this.



    Image from Melbourne Bushfood

    Good for:

    - Beginners

    - Light frost 

    - Moderately resistant to Drought





    Full sun



    Up to 8m high


    Rock Fig grows 1-8 metres high and 1-5m wide in pots. Adapted to barren lands in the Northern Territory, they prefer to grow poor soils but won't mind loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam or even commercial potting mix.

    A low maintenance tree, it will flourish in Sub-tropical, Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean, Semi-arid climate. Ensure the soil is well drained and almost always dry.


    Frost tolerance

    This is a light frost tolerant species.

    They’d rather enjoy the glare of the sun than grow in shady spots. Water more in its early age, but be sure to grow it in well draining soils.


    The species is drought tolerant when established and doesn’t mind poor soils at all. Water moderately.






    At a young age, it prefers moderately moist soil, well drained. As a mature tree, dry is okay.





    Use occasional native fertilizer.





    Harvesting is done when the berries are purple/dark in colour. Harvesting is done by hand picking.